Beauty – I Want More

By Camille Wagner June 01 2014 in Blog

There is no such thing as accessorizing too much! There is always something
more you can add to your style to look amazing and ready for action.


Kate Spade
Price: $40.00

The Pavillion iPhone5 case is the latest hot thing to accessorize your phone.
It comes in different colors, so choose the one that best fits you.

Price: $79.00

This fouta cotton striped towel brings comfort to the sandy humid beach.
It comes in three different colors and fits perfectly in any beach bag.
Easy and hassle-free!

Price: $58.00

No need to search for your keys or phone in the mess of a huge beach bag!
These little pouches are perfect for holding small items, and bring an extra pop of color and pattern to your beach look

Price: $230.00

Tutti Fruttis is the newest and hottest accessory.
It comes in so many different colors and looks great on everyone

Price: $40.00

The Slim Flower features a resin embellishment with floral hardware and a tonal Havaianas logo on a slim golden strap.
These are the most comfortable and most popular flip flops.
They come in various colors and patterns, they are irresistible!

Dolce & Gabbana
Price: $180.00

The DG 2129 02/73 Golden Large is a hot must-have.
These large, golden, encircled framed sunglasses will rock your world, and get you the attention you deserve.
Go Dolce & Gabbana this summer.

Price: $115.00

The natural Panama hat is a unique handmade piece, made just for you.
With a black band around the hat, it will mix with and match all of your outfits