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By Camille Wagner May 23 2014 in Blog

It is time to take out the bikinis and surfboards and head to the beach for a day of fun. Do you feel nervous at the idea of showing your body in the shining sun? You don’t have to! Here are some tips on how to detox and how to eat healthy to prep your slimming body for the crashing waves on the shore of your local beach.

The Lemon Detox Diet

The 10-day Master Cleanse operates on the principle that, for disease to be addressed, cleansing must be undertaken. Simplifying and correcting disorders through such a process is actually a way of correcting every disease. Observing a healthy diet, regular exercise as well as stress reduction is essential in maintaining the gains that the Master Cleanse Detox diet can offer.

How to do the Master Cleanse.

1. To create the mixture, mix the ingredients in the amount instructed and drink a minimum of at least six to twelve glasses of the concoction daily throughout the day. Drink the lemonade whenever hunger pangs strike.

2. A laxative must be taken in the morning and then in the evening. Be sure to observe at least three bowel movements in a day to ensure that the waste accumulated in the intestinal walls is totally removed.

3. Always drink the Master Cleanse lemonade fresh and do not subject it to microwave as doing so will minimize its effectiveness.

4. Breaking the Master Cleanse is just as critical as starting it. On day one coming off the fast, immediately after the end of the Master Cleanse, slowly introduce orange juice into the diet. Day two will see the introduction of vegetable soups and broths. Day three observe a diet of fruits and vegetables. Be careful not to overeat or eat too soon and drink plenty of water. Slowly ease yourself into a normal diet and avoid meat, fish, milk and eggs. Eat wisely!

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