Star Factor

By triniadmin April 27 2014 in Blog

Trini and her Mercedes

“People immediately recognize that you’ve made the right choice when you drive a Mercedes-Benz – it makes a beautiful, classy, powerful statement no matter where you take it.”

When it comes to a normal day, Trini is anything but average. Besides being a mother, wife and proud Key Biscayner she’s also a stylist at her studio on Key Biscayne, Artistic Director of her Trini Salon & Spa empire, Editor-in-Chief of Trini Secrets magazine and an Ambassador in the U.S. for L’Oréal Professionnel.

So how does she manage it all? Well, it helps that she’s got her Mercedes Benz SL550 Bi Turbo V8 right outside her door. But this isn’t the first Mercedes-Benz she’s owned. In fact, she’s been loyal to the brand for over a decade.

“One day I was driving my Mercedes-Benz convertible to a Photoshoot, I had the top down, the wind was blowing through my hair… I was looking like a star” she says. “Then all of a sudden, I notice 5 police cars behind me with their lights on.

I pulled over with confidence because I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong. I noticed the officers had big smiles on their faces as they approached my car – then they asked if i was Sharon Stone. We talked for a few moments and then they opened the road for me, and I felt like royalty with my surprise police escorts – it was a very nice moment.”